The Electronic Access Foundation & Laptop Upcycle

The Electronic Access Foundation and Laptop Upcycle are both charity organizations that donate refurbished laptops for charitable projects. Ben was fortunate to get their support for running his Python coding class for middle school students in July 2018. They provided 6 refurbished MacBook Pros for the students who graduated from that class. Many of the students did not have their own devices at home for school work or programming, so they were all very excited to receive laptops that they could keep at the end of the class. The NJCSSA is grateful to have these organizations as partners.

The Electronic Access Foundation website:
Laptop Upcycle website:

Link Community Charter School

Link Community Charter School is a charter school in Newark, NJ serving grades 5-8. They focus on providing a quality education to students in Newark, Irvington, East Orange, and other surrounding towns. They have a proven track record of sending students with economic hardships to prestigious boarding schools, private schools, and public magnet schools.

The NJCSSA has been fortunate to work with Link for the past two years. They have been extremely generous to the NJCSSA. This year they provided free breakfast and lunch to all students in the program. Both years, they allowed us to use their computer lab for the month-long course. The NJCSSA hopes to keep working with Link Charter School in the future.

Link's Website: